Cue & bin to dvd

Hi Guys
I have some cue and bin files I need to convert to dvd and have hit a brick wall. I gladly welcome all sugestions as i’m reaching that red haze point…lol I’ve got Nero 6 but this won’t recognise them i think i need to convert them to mpeg first and then to dvd but am stuck!..Cheers :bigsmile:

bin/cue are Image files, Nero needs to Recongize Cue bin its is Default settings try to reinstall Nero or change file types Menu of Windows so that it nero will read cue if not on default already.
maybe new nero version will be good if u got a very old version
if this dont work
Fireburner is always good secondery Appz… :smiley:

You can change the Bin files to ISO files with this little program then extract with isobuster/winiso.!zip

It really depends what you mean by the question.

If they are videos (VCD/SVCD) do you want to convert them to DVD videos.
OR do you just want to burn them to DVD instead of CD.

They answer to the question depends on which of the options we are talking about.

they will burn to cd in nero as a vcd but what i want to do is to convert them to dvd video…cheers as b4 any help will be greatly appreciated…Karlos

Well then it’s time for some re-authoring. Extract the MPEG’s with VCDGear, then run em though a tool like SVCD2DVD from, which will take care of all the authoring and get em up to DVD spec, for easy burning.


You do realise that the quality will not improve by doing this & unless you are able to combine multiple VCD movies into a DVD , with menues etc, that there really is nothing to be gained.

Tried and true method for burning dvd’s, is start with good quality avi file, and use a good quality authoring program to encode and then burn to dvd. The most important part of the process is converting the quality avi into a mpeg2. There are numerous programs that do that well.

Thanks a million guys!