Cue & bin file burning probs with PS2



I DL the game ( scooby doo 100 frights)...2 cd's ...made 2 folders..
went through the whole process ( winrar \ check files with sfv) all was good. no missing or error files. I have a cue & bin for each folder. i burn the cue using nero 5 \ burn image...4x - disc at once.. I also tried cdrwin 4a with the raw option selected..after i do the game shark swap. game still won't load with neither program...either cd as far as that console is fine. loads all clone cd backups & primodvd made dvd-r's just fine.
..can't get the DL game to work...i must be doing something wrong ....I checked the cue file there was no path to remove..I used a standard cdr , cdrw's won't work.... I'm basically stumped at this point.....hope someone can help
would appreciate it thx


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