Cue and Bin files

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I am very new to downloading/makingDVD/this forum…
I downloaded a film that came with cue and bin formats. I can play the movie on my PC but I just bought a new DVD writer and I would like to copy it in DVD format so I can watch the movie on TV… I tried to do it using Nero 6 but it always tries to copy on CD only format… …any suggestion? Do you know how I can make these files in DVD format?


Im guessing the file’s you have there are all you need. A *.bin file is just another type of image file like an *.iso image. Nero should be able to burn this no problem but personally i’d use DVD Decrypter to do the job. All the *.cue does is contains details about the *.bin file i.e. filename, track length and so on

I would suggest you read the rules.

You will only get VCDs from cue/bins.

Just to clarify things.

What you’ve downloaded will fit on to a CD as bin/cue is the format used for CD-R media whereas to burn to a DVD it will generally be ISO or IMG format.

ImgBurn & DVD Decrypter will convert these to DVD format for you during the burn process BUT you are wasting a DVD & it might not play on a DVD player. Burn these to CD-R media only.

The movie is most likely a fairly low quality VCD, possibly a SVCD. Most DVD players will play these without any problems.

thanks for the replies… …please notice that the bin file is 781MB and therefore it will not fit into a normal cd… also what shall I copy? Only the bin file or shall I do something else? Sorry I may sound dumb but it is the first time I am doing this…

Oh yes it will. You can fit a bin file of over 800mb on to a 80min/700mb CD-R. Trust me , try it.

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To follow on this topic, I have some application files that are in cue and bin format, what do I do now to install?

silly stance with hand on hips Well Fine then! /end silly stance

The .cue file is a descriptive files that tells any burning program how to burn the .bin file.

There’s lots you can do with it.

You can mount them using daemon tools, nero imagedrive & whatnot, if you don’t want to burn them to disc.

Or failing that, you can use nero, prassi, Record now, or a myriad of other (some freeware) proggies to burn them to disc.

It’s really upto you what you want to do.

Keep in mind that .iso / .bin / .nrg files are actually a “Raw Dump” of the CD/DVD with all the error-correction & etc, therefore, you cannot compare the RAW SIZE of an image with the “Nominal Capacity” (aka Usable Data Size) of a cd.

Usable Data size is 2048/2352 of the Actual CD capacity. But you need the other 204/2352 for error corection.

hello. i have many bin cue files that i’d like to convert into vcds. i have done this before with vcd easy and its worked great. but now, when i go to burn the files the bin part of the program is acessible but the cue part is blocked out. Does anyone have any advice? i already removed the program and re installed it and that didnt work. thanks!