CUDA on the ION Platform

I am interested in using the GPU acceleration in DVDFab on my Zotac IONITX compter. The options in DVDFab list 2 supported codecs for each technology (CUDA and the DirectShow), but when enabled, the conversion to the iPod for TV format, it is maxing out the CPU.

It almost seems to me that this feature is not working for my machine. Has anyone else had any experience with this feature on an ION platform?

I am on DVDFab trial version. I have the Zotac IONITX-D-E with 4GB of RAM and 512MB dedicated to the GPU.

Try downloading the latest version and give that a shot, you can find it at the top part of this forum also there is a mobile forum at the top too

Okay, just tried beta version and am getting the same results.

FYI, I tried badaboom and it recodes at just under 20 fps, but the CPU usage doesn’t go over 15%. With DVDFab right now, it recodes at over 20 fps, but maxes out the CPU.

Hi alphabakada,

If you want to save CPU, you can disable “Turbo CPU” in “Settings -> X to Mobile -> Convert” to see the result.

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Okay, I tried that. No matter which settings I change, turbo CPU, GPU acceleration, it doesn’t seem to make any difference. And I am restarting DVDFab every time I change a setting. Has anyone else gotten the CUDA to work on an ION board?