Cucusoft vs. ImToo DVD For Ripping DVD Audio and Some Video

We have multiple DAP’s in the family, plus I have quite a few DVD’s which I’d like to rip the audio from to MP3 (or whatever), and these two companies have DVD Suites that do these things with MINIMUM fuss.

I’ve read the freeware processes, but they’re not for me. I’m on a tight schedule, and the ease of use for just clicking on “take dvd audio and turn it to MP3,” and click one button and then one click turns The Matrix fight scene to Zune is EXACTLY what I’m interested in.

It’s just getting too complicated to memorize all the audio/video processes.

In any case, does anyone have any familiarity with either of these software suites. From reading them, they seem practically identical, and I’m trying to make the right choice.

No need to tell me about the freeware options, or how I could do it myself with slightly better results. :wink:

In this particular case, I like what I see from these two software suites. I’m just looking for some who has some experience with them to let me know if there is a significant difference between one or the other.



ImToo sells DVD Audio Ripper, which is also included in their bigger software suites. I use it and find it to be terrific. Also have gotten pretty fair support from them in the past. I can’t say the same for Cucusoft. It’s not a complicated process and can also be done as well with freeware, but DVD Audio Ripper is pretty much a 2-click tool once it’s set up. If you’re a stickler for quality, you can rip to .wav and convert later with your favorite tool.