Cucusoft AVI to VCD

Anybody used this proggie for rendering AVI to DVD? What are the results like?
It’s the first one I’ve found that will open my AVIs and convert them, but the trial version will only do one minute.
Are you able to get good quality video with this?

In case anyone is wondering, it’s probably not worth $20. No support, and the results are pretty poor.

Its name is enough to put me off. :bigsmile: Just more of the rip off software out there. :Z

I have just bought Cucusoft’s MPEG to DVD Burner version 2.01 … in order to burn mpg/mpeg files directly without going through an intermediary.

IT DOES NOT WORK. The softaware is not fit for the purpose for which it was sold. You will waste your blank DVDs. Having spent nearly two weeks trying to get some sense out of their laughable ‘support’ department - hosted, it seems, by a bimbo called Kelly - they are refusing to reply to my problem, refusing to refund and generally being the most awful company with whom I have had the misfortune to deal.

i can’t believe this is the sam eprogramme i’m having so much success with???

are you using cucusoft converter to convert avi to dvd then cucusoft dvd burner?

i have had excellent result with this programme and am very happy with it,

i’m shocked to say the least that nobody else likes it,


hi guys
im new to all this but have also had excellent results with the cucusoft mpeg to dvd burner,the snag is you need the cucusoft avi to vcd,dvd conversion software too as they work hand in hand ( so to speak ) the downside is it takes about 7 hours to do 1 avi to dvd conversion then about 10 - 15 minutes to burn the converted mpeg file to dvd but it does have real good results

PS : you could use a program named mainconcept which converts your mpegs in between 1 to 2 hours but i havent come across the right software to burn them back to dvd but like i said newbie here .

just my 10 bobs worth … later peeps

I’ve had my say on Cucusoft so I wont sound like a broken record.

As for MainConcept, set output to elementry streams and audio to WAV. After encoding, convert the WAV to AC3 with latest BeSweet or ffmpegGUI and author them in TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab. Then burn.