Cucusoft AVI to DVD pro makes me mad!



More problems with my cucusoft converor, atleast i can open it now but the finished dvd plays with freezes once every few minutes- unwatchable!
I am so angry i have been trying to do a simple thing for a week now and have wasted about 10 dvd’s, i just can’t get a watchable copy. I am mad because i paid good money for this converter:a
Is it to much to ask to try and get a program to do what it says on the tin?
What could it be this time?.. am i missing one of the 20 something ’ codecs that i need?:frowning:
Apparently when converting from a Divx movie file to dvd the finished dvd movie might play with freezes, this is a bug of the divx codec which Divx is trying to sort out (it was meant to be sorted in their next release) , i downloaded the new divx last night bu this has’nt helped.
Does anyone one else have these problems when converting from a divx file t a dvd?
If anyone has advice please give it me because i have spent days trying to do this, i just want to put my feet up and watch a movie on my tv but i can’t, it suks soso bad :a


Besides the (yikes!) app you’re using, it’s most likely a media burning issue…What media are you using and what speed are you burning them at…
FWIW, there are better tools for free,that will get it done…IMO…
FAVC,DVDFlick ,AVStoDVD… For commercial ConvertXtoDVD,is highly regarded…


It’s not my burning software , it’s inherent in the converted dvd.
I have tried imgburn and dvd2one , they both burn with the defects inherent in the finished dvd.
I think it might be a codec issue with the cucusoft convertor, i’ve allready download about 20codecs, how many more do i need?
I am so so anoyed with cucusoft, they should make these codecs part of the software!!


Exactly, why I suggested using a better app to convert from avi to DVD…
Don’t install any more codecs…try a different app/tool…


I can’t afford the $60 it costs to get x to dvd , i need a full version , if you know of any free full versions please reccoment one


I already did…See my first reply…
Besides, I think ConvertXtoDVD is trialware (full version)…


T0nee1 already recommended some good conversion programs that are free to download and use. Look up FAVC, AVStoDVD and DVDFlick on Google.
All of those will give you a finished dvd, ready to burn to disk.