Cuckoo Egg



I just posted the article Cuckoo Egg.

Now this is somthing realy weird…
But who use napster these days?? not me.

A cuckoo egg is an MP3 file that typically contains 30 seconds of the original song with the remainder of the song…

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I know in Belgium the creators can be blaimed of “theft of bandwidth” Some years ago, when there were no laws against hackers, one hacker was prosecuted on the terms “theft of electricity” for hacking a computer of the prime-minister.


People like this just piss me off…although funny how they will actually waste their time to create software to create something this stupid and then actually waste even more of their time in creating cuckoo egg MP3s.


It’s not as bad as the jokers on edonkey than name old films as latest releases I have had TombRaider=Friday and Final Fantasy=Goonies so far laugh I almost bought a round 1.4 gig of bandwidth wasted :frowning:


That is a pathetic attempt to stop piracy! It will NEVER work!


Who cares, like they will ever rls this egg stuff in mp3 rls =)