CSTJ or CS0K, which is the best

There seems to be some debate on this, so I thought I would start this thread where you can place your results, comparisons and have discussions about it.

My experience is that CSTJ produces a lower PIF total, with the additional PIFs in CS0K being typically at the end of the disc.

Here’s two burns I did a while ago:

Heres two more burns I just did. Both at 12x using Sony TY02@TY03.

CSTJ: (gotta love this one :))

CS0K: (still an excellent burn :slight_smile: but not as good as CSTJ)

I see scans of CS0K post above, have less PI max errors than newest scans post after-So maybe depends on TY batch tested.I’m confused :confused:
Anyone compare these firmwares with MCC04 ?

All scans are from the same batch. The later scans (shown above) have less error totals, probably due to learning (my eeprom gets reset a lot ;)).

well i gotta admit, there about the same, on certain media cstj is the winner and on certain media csok is the winner :slight_smile: only reason i went to csok is because my yuden00 t02 where not getting good results with cstj but are with csok at 8x

Based on that, something must have changed between CSTJ and CS0K with respect to +R burning. Obviously the small loss with my media was out weighed by the big gain to yours.

and 16x burner got a lil better also, but almost about the same tho :slight_smile:

i have yet to burn a verbatim DL yet with csok, once i do i will post results

Check out the diff in my tyg02 -R’s:
CSTJ: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=927363&postcount=14
CSOK: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=928639&postcount=15

Anyone compare these firmwares with MCC04 ?
In the past only one post mentioned bad scans with CSTJ .
Does CS0K firmware improve that ?

mcc004 does burn slighter better with csok i have found out :slight_smile:

but cstj does a good job as well with the media too, csok just barely beats it out on the pie, pif’s seem to be about the same

Tried CS0K, see this post http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=943283&postcount=145
Now I did the same test with CSTJ, this time it looks a bit better. Burned at 8x, reset learned EEPROM. There is only one bad thing, this time the standalone will not even start running. I think I will stick to BS0S and burn happily at 4x again.

:confused: Leo

here is the same media as you burnt at 8X with CSOK. I have absolutly no pb with my standalone.

@ ldw

do you bitset your media?

@ bichonn

Yes, I changed it to DVD-ROM in BS0S and it stayed DVD-ROM after changing to CS0K and CSTJ, just checked it again to make sure. The odd thing is, that I started to get this kind of troubles with these disks, RicohJPNR02. But burns at 4x with them were good, so I switched back to BS0S and wait for LiteOn to release a good successor :eek:

:smiley: Leo

Edit: There was (some) freezing too in an 8x burn with BS0S, but that one played the best of the three firmwares in my standalone.

That’s weird cause I have the same drive as you and I don’t have these problems.
One of my friend could’nt read a disc burnt with CSOK, but I burnt an other one which worked fine one his stand alone. So I assumed it was just a bad batch.
Maybe your stand alone needs an update.

@ bichonn

I checked that, but there are no firmware updates available for that brand, it’s an eBench KH6777 from Lidl supermarket (nice player though, reviews are good). But as my college tried out with the CS0K test, it did freeze too in his Provision standalone too, he had to push the play-button everytime it occurred. I don’t really know what the problem might be, maybe I try it later when I have something else to burn with different files, maybe there is something wrong with the files I still had on my computer from a previous (succesful) burn.

:confused: Leo

I have a KH6507, and I found a FW apdate for mine. In fact Lidl sells it as silvercrest, and some how if you goggle sylvercrest you find much more info than if you goggle Ebench.
I will look for the place where I found my update and post it here as soon as I find it.

Firmwares for the KH6507 here: http://mtz.softpedia.com/index.php?option=com_weblinks&catid=89&Itemid=4 . Not sure if these will be OK on KH6777.

@ bichonn, johnzap

The KH6777 is no divX, so I assume they are not the same. I don’t gamble with that. I already found out about the brandname Silvercrest, but the KH6777 is not sold or marketed under that name, a search with Google and on the site von Videohelp returned nothing. But never mind, burned at 4x it runs perfect. Thanks anyway for your help though!

:cool: Leo

OK, what happened here? I am guessing I need to reset the learnt media?

This is the led fix CS0K.

When I did the read tests the green light did not show? Is that normal?

Date : 4/9/2005 2:55:47 PM
Model : 3-0-0-0 LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1653S CS0K
Disc : DVD+R , MCC003 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation]
Speed : Max
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2295100
Sampling count : 113718
Errors : 171
PI Max : 1040
PI Average : 26.08
PI Total : 439849
PIF Max : 208
PIF Average : 4.45
PIF Total : 75067