Is it possible to get rid of the css protection on a DVD disc, if it is could someone please tell me how cos i cant make a back up of 28 Days Later


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is there a way to actually remove CSS from a pressed DVD-ROM disc? No.

Can you still make a backup of the disc? Yes.

There are many programs that are able to break the key needed to unlock a CSS protected disc. If the software that you’re trying to use is not able to get the key, then you could try playing a little bit the movie first. What software are you using that you cannot use to make a backup?

Have you tried ripping with dvd decryptor…
Or try anydvd\clonedvd combo…

I recommend DVD Decryptor for removing CSS protections.

As said. AnyDVD and Smartripper should do the job as well.

I just backed up 28 Days later with DVD Decryptor and CloneDVD, works like a charm!

i used dvd shrink but i’ll give dvd encryptor a go



cheers for the advice , just used anydvd and its worked like a charm

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