does clone DVd keeps CSS protection on “cloned” DVDs?


CloneDVD will not backup a DVD with CSS on it. It won’t touch the disk. You need to use DVDdecrypter or try a trial version of AnyDVD on the DVD before running it through CloneDVD. I believe all CSS cracking softwares remove the encryption.


i mate of me told he coulnt copy DVDs created by me with nero (so he used alchool to burn all disks i lent him), thats why i think cloneDVD when used with anyDVD keeps CSS on disk, feedback apreciated


anydvd removes the css encryption from your copy therefore it must be another problem

you can test it, take one of your copies and try to copy it with clonedvd and
anydvd disabled, there will be no indication regarding CSS decryption