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Somebody please help me!!! I have been using dvdfab express for several months now. I went away last week and came back to find out that dvdfab express has now gone to dvdfab gold. Ok no problem…got my new key and ready to go right? WRONG!! The program is telling me that I can’t burn anything because of the CSS protection on the disks. It says that the version of dvdfab gold that I have will not run it, but I have the latest version on the website. So I downloaded the region + CSS free software to see if that would work… still nothing. What do I do? PLEASE HELP ME!!! Please note that dvds I have already burned using express will not run with dvdfab gold.

I have done that 4 times already and it keeps telling me the samething.

Please note that there is a difference between dvdfab.com and dvdfab.net.

I just tried the dvdfab.net url that Fengtao points you to and if I yse that I get the CSS enabled version.

re css protection I too have just updated to fabgold and have exactly the same problem. As for the site fengtao lists it just comes up as dvdfab.COM and the file downloads are listed as noncss for all programs including Platinium none of them will copy css protected discs

jlclare, that is strange indeed. did you click the LINK or did you type it?
If you’ve typed it, then it redirects you to dvdfab.com indeed, so just click the direct link in Fengtao’s post please :clap:

Hi jlclare,

Please use the direct download link in my post, thanks.

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First of all, great program(s)! Excellent work! Woth the money!

Now, why the heck did you now come up with 2 different versions -noncss and css enabled- ??? Not to mention that as you can see, it confuses MANY loyal customers that have to worry about other things then what happened with this now.

It would be interesting to know, WHY did you come up with this. And also, at the beginning of version 3 of platinum, you had at least a Link to the ‘other version’ but now, not even this.

I just had to ask this since no one else did so far.

and perhaps you can either have only an css enabled version (would make sense as css is needed!!!) or at least have a link officially to it so that customers can find it without searching to forums.


Dear all,

As I said before, the big companies are afraid of DVDFab 3 and want to kill our business. We have to make some changes to continue selling our prodcuts.

Don’t worry, we will bring back CSS version to normal website asap.

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Thank you very much and “Don’t let them put you down!” Two thumbs up for you and your company’s work! :clap:


I am glad that you at least got a reply from Fengtao. I have been trying to get ahold of him for a month on the DVD Region + Css Free that I BOUGHT, got a key for, but it just will not work.

Fengtao has stated that when it is possible he will have a updated DVD Region + Css Free available. If you reat the above post he had to put up a non version of DVDFab to get around some technicalities to keep it online, He will probably have to find a work around for DVD Region + Css Free too since its name implies what it does. I am sure when he gets it fixed you will get an up date.


I bought Region-Free years ago, and have been making back-ups using CloneDVD. I have had problems now and then with certain movies, and have had to rely on other programs to get me by, until Region + CSS Free decides to update. It has seemed like forever since the last update, and I’m wondering why I wasted my money on this program? Programs such as AnyDVD are right on top of things when it comes to new encryptions. What gives?

I think if you would have took a little time and read the post it would have answered your question like post #9 and lots of other post instead of just wanting other people to do the work for you. I don’t mean to offend you but you yourself have to do a little looking yourself

Ok, jag-off, I did read the posts, but all I see are useless words. I don’t want anyone to do any work for me. I want someone who matters in my world (which i don’t believe is you) to listen to what a paying customer has to say. Plain and simple… I want results! I want this program to do what I paid for it to do. Most other programs update regularly to keep up with new encryptions. I don’t want to have to fork out another $40-50 for something that I should already have.

You read the post in all the pages about 35 or so then you must have missed where Fengtao has said in many threads that he will be working on an update soon and that is all that people here can tell you no more than what you have read yourself then, and all the useless words as you called them is all we know as we aren’t the author of the program. I am sorry if I have upset you with the truth.

What the heck is that annoying noise? Oh… Jimbo… you still talking? :wink:

Do not worry italianman7.
I have been waiting for an update to CSS region free for months now and have not had any response from Fengtao or anyone else except people here in the forum.
The only one looking to get other people to do his work for him is Fengtao.
He never responds to his paying customers and he has this forum answer all of his technical questions and problems.
What a deal he pays no one for tech support and sit back and collects money for the CSS region free program even though he no longer supports it.
I have tried the DVDFAB decrypter but it reduces the quality of the dvd and it does not work for many of the new dvds.
I guess we just got taken be a guy in mainland China.
This way of doing business only makes the Film studios and distributors happy. If you continue to get ripped off by paying for programs like CSS region free that are suppossed to have free updates for life but are no longer supported by the company that sold it to you you will give up on them and just pay the $20-$50 for a new DVD when your only copy gets damaged or ruined.
Too bad Fengtao had a really good product with the CSS region free program but now I would not trust him even if he paid me to use his program.
Try anydvd I have heard good things about the program and the quick updates that they provide.

Good luck
CDFreaks.com rules even if Fengtao sucks

You can download CSS Version of DVD Fab here