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I have just installed DVD Fab Platinum and tried to burn a DVD. It gives the error message CSS protection. Why is this? What can I do about it? doesn’t DVD Platinum crack this protection? Thanks.


What version of DVDFab did you install? What is the name of the movie?


Download it from www.dvdfab.com This is the CSS version.


Two movies: There will be blood" and “Vantage Point”. I also downloaded the software from the site given by Bob, above


I have to go now. Will look for some ideas later today. Thanks


[QUOTE=gwi;2118850]Two movies: There will be blood" and “Vantage Point”. [B]I also downloaded the software from the site given by Bob[/B], above[/QUOTE]

You sure you didn’t download from dvdfab.net
the programs on the .net website will not remove the css protection and the .com site will

you are not the first person to make this mistake and most likely will not be the last


yeah those two movies have been copied so they shouldn’t have any problems with the link i posted.


Good luck :slight_smile:



If you get “cannot copy CSS” message, please download CSS-enabled version:


DVDFab Platinum:

DVDFab Gold:

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I’m having the same problem making a backup of my discs. “A River Runs Through It” and “Open Range.” I own the discs and want a bk/up to play to avoid damaging the purchased discs. I use a HP Pavilion dv7 with the following DVD writer: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T30L ATA drive. I receive the same “CSS Protection” error message that won’t allow me to copy the disc. I am advised to contact css@dvdfab.net, which I did. Awaiting a reply from them.


Download it from dvdfab.com not .net


As Jethro has stated download from dvdfab.com, the dvdfab.net website contains the non-css versions of the products (for legal reasons :wink: )