CSS protection problem?


i am new here so first of all i would like to say hi, lots of good knowledge i have been reading around here.

but anyway my question is, i have Clone DVD and trying to backup my copy of the DVD “BeeGees one night only” and i when i try to get clone DVD to read it, it says that the DVD is protected by CSS and it cannot copy it.

I am running the newest clone DVD and the newest AnyDVD yet it refuses to. Any Idea?

Thanks a lot


have you set up anydvd right?

Here is a link on how easy it should be.


ya i have it setup just like that

it allows me to copy all my other dvds but it is just this one that it gives me this error on?

i dunno it is bugging me



Have you tried decrypting the DVD with DVD Decrypter first? If that does work then there might be a problem with AnyDVD and this particular DVD. Please report back!


thanks for pointing me towards that

and yes it does work with DVD Decrypt i guess it is a issue with AnyDVD and this certain DVD ( BeeGees - One Night Only ).


I have the same problem with Lord of the Rings I° disc…It seems like AnyDvd 3211 cannot remove CSS in this case…don’t know why first time happened.
My reader is a Toshiba sdm 1712…clone DVd 1.3112…
i’m going to try this Dvddecrypter!!thank you…

Hey. I don’t know much about dvd copying, but i live in denmark and we have region2.
In usa you have region1. I have a lot of wredtling from usa, which is region1. And when i try to copy it, it says that the dvd is css protected. Can i remove the css protection, so i can copy my wrestling.

Thanks ;b

Use anydvd and clonedvd.

I am having the same problem. I downloaded 20 pages of the above-mentioned tutorial and I’m going to tackle it tomorrow. I see no reason why I should have trouble with “The Cotton Club”…good grief, it’s an old movie! :a

the original posts in this thread are over 3 years old so some of the information might be a little different now. (but at least you searched for your problem!)

can you describe what versions of anydvd and clonedvd you’re using and exactly what the problem is?

you definitely shouldn’t have problems with that movie using the latest versions of anydvd and clonedvd from slysoft’s website so if you continue to have issue post back!

I am also having the same problem…