CSS protection & anydvd



I need a little help understanding something here. I got anydvd and clonedvd and pretty much taught myself how to use them. In anydvd there’s a box for CSS keys. I’ve successfully copied several CSS protected DVD’s (it shows that it’s CSS protected in the info box in the anydvd program) without touching the CSS key via an .iso image. My question is what is the box for? Will I eventually run across a type of CSS protection that requires a key? Where can I get a key? If these questions sound noobish, it’s probably because I AM a noob to this. Thanks for any help.



Content Scrambling System (CSS)
In DVD-Video, an encryption scheme designed to protect copyrighted material that resides on a disc by periodically scrambling the data using encryption keys.

In short no, the ‘Key’ is what used to decrypt the movie as it is played back. CSS was cracked back in 1999 by DVD Jon ( :bow: ). Many (and I mean ALOT) of programs can crack CSS protection simply by exchanging keys 'till the right one is found. If that does not work, then CSS can be ‘brute forced’ open. If you ran AnyDVD while ripping a DVD into an .ISO or anyother format, then I will be free of any encryptions. This includes Regional codes, Prohibited User Operations (PUOs) aswell as CSS.



I apologioze, but I am brand new to AnyDVD and I am having issues. I rented a movie and I wanted to copy it. I have AnyDVD and I have CloneDVD. What do I need to do to copy this movie?

I have tried ripping it through AnyDVD but after 3% I get an error message about a file or something.

What are the correct steps to take in order for me to take a rented, copyright protected movie and create my own DVD of it?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



This club doesn’t condone piracy or help people commit it. I hope the MPAA traces your IP.