CSS Protection and Regions



Hello everybody!

I not really good at this stuff, but i have downloadet DVDFab and i would like to copy a dvd. But i can’t, beacuse it’s css protected. But then i’ve heard that DVDFab can remove the css protection. But how?

Also this dvd i’m copying, i would like to make it region free. How do i do that?



You may have downloaded the version of DVDFab that does not have the CSS removal engine. Download again from www.dvdfab.com and reinstall. That version will remove CSS and all other protection schemes and region and RCE as well producing a region-free backup copy. For RCE removal you will need to set up your home region in Common Settings–>Protection.


Has another thread going in the newbie section for the same issue and thread title :doh:


HA! The mod over there is usually pretty agressive in moving threads like that here. Shame on cross posters.:slight_smile:


He wanted to know how to copy a DVD and I told him about FAB and about this forum, it wasn’t his fault for cross posting :frowning:


I agree with jimbo instead of jumping all over the poor guy, he obviously need help let’s try to give him one.

Try to download any one of the following and use it for 30 days trail period:

  1. DVDFAB Platinum

  2. Any DVD

  3. RipIt4Me (this one is freeware)

They all do the job you are looking for.


If you check you will see that has already been getting help in the newbie section on this :frowning:


Well he posted in that forum about a burning program and how to remove the CSS protection and region, I recommended DVDFAB to him for a burning program and bragged on this site and told him that you all were a great bunch of guys and would bend over backwards to help him out if he had any problems. So he comes over here and gets crap for double posting when it was me who told him to use this forum for DVDFAB which I thought was the right thing to do also he just asked questions and if you see he really didn’t get any help there, and after he d/l FAB he never posted there again, sorry if I tried to help a new member get FAB and help from this forum, enough said and nobody has to reply to this thread :frowning:


He got the help he requested in post #2 of this thread and perhaps in the other forum as well. And I don’t really think you could say anybody jumped all over him. Stormjumper and I have taken more grief for this than the OP. When I jump all over somebody I don’t use smiley :slight_smile: I use his evil twin :a . And as long as we’re airing dirty laundry,TCAS, when you post recommendations for other software in this forum you are disrespecting the developers of DVDFab and devaluing the contributions its users make here. Please don’t do that.


I saw that you helped him and Thanks Paul


Well said my friend :bigsmile: