CSS protection and anydvd



I need a little help understanding something here. I got anydvd and clonedvd and pretty much taught myself how to use them. In anydvd there’s a box for CSS keys. I’ve successfully copied several CSS protected DVD’s (it shows that it’s CSS protected in the info box in the anydvd program) without touching the CSS key via an .iso image. My question is what is the box for? Will I eventually run across a type of CSS protection that requires a key? Where can I get a key? If these questions sound noobish, it’s probably because I AM a noob to this. Thanks for any help.


That’s what AnyDVD does. It figures out the key. :slight_smile:

As to why there’s a box that lists the keys… all CSS-crackers have that box one place or another, I suppose for those that are overly curious or for debugging. Maybe some people somewhere swap keys around from program to program. I know that some programs get stuck finding some keys, maybe this is an “in case program X can’t figure this key out” sort of thing? I dunno.