CSS... my pain


Ok, where do I start…

Ouh, yes… I know NOTHING of DVD copying. That’s why I’ve been browsing the net for the past 2 days, and have been trying softwares of any kind and version…

From rippers (AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, SMartRipper…) to transcoders (DVDX, CLoneDVD), to burners (DVDX Copy Xpress, Power CDR Express, Nero 6)… I think I’ve seen almost all of them.

Until now, I’ve been able just to get a CSS protected DVD to a folder on my hard drive full of .IFO, .VOB and .BUP files.

I got the fact that I can just burn files on dvds smaller then 4.7 gigs, so I got everything until the last part…

BURNING!!! :frowning:

With SmartRipper I can enable DeMacromedia, Region Free and Unlock Drive, but, damn…

When I get to burning, no matter what software I choose, from Nero to CLoneDVD to Power CDR, whatever… I’m not able to get those files backed up on a readable DVD+R/RW media.

The one that get closest to the job is CloneDVD, although when I get to burning page, it tells me something like “not comptatible with CSS” and then a series of numbers and stuff.

So I get to keep my blank dvds and spare money, but I also get to keep my frustration up to dangerous levels…

Especially when I see that there are many of you people who are able to burn CSS encrypted movies.


My DVD writer is a plextor px504A, I’ve downloaded the ASPI drivers, and I was thinking about flashing it to region free, but I’ve been told it’s very dangerous so, until I don’t get to understand how exactly flashing works I won’t be trying it…

Please help me! What software do u use to burn CSS protected? Is it a problem with my DVD writer? Do I miss some files/utilities/firmware/drivers in order to completely decrypt those movies?

again, HELP!!!

Or I’ll be very soon so frustrated that I’ll get crazy and I’ll start eating DVD-Rs to exteriorate my anger…

THANK YOU!!! :bow:

only thing i have ever used is

dvd shrink


also dvdshrink encodes it and decyrptes it for ya …that is only program u have to use …no region dvd or anthing else

and nero using nero express cause it can cause less errors and it is easier

okay now burning it is easy part

open nero express
pick your burner at top drop down

should say

your burner [dvd]
now the [dvd] part after burner is important shows you getting to the dvd options and burning part

then option below is

dvd-video files … choose it

the move the files from folder you have vob files and other files and just drop and drag (or add them )

then just burn …

also dont verify the process and close the dvd

also big note …I always make folder on desktop to put the image files in …with dvd shrink you choose that file when making the backup … just go to folder on desktop … then when you go to burn just open nero and go to folder and open that folder
and just drop and drag all files in the folder you made on desktop to nero express …that easy


any questions …

IM me or message me at


have fun making your backups

by the way never had a problem backing up any dvd that i have cept disney once but it was scratched …

just to let ya know dvd shrink takes about 30 min to 45 minutes to do the dvd and then burning takes about 15 minutes but i have 4x dvd burner …22 minutes with 2x dvd burner

also if i get really lazy i just use dvd x copy express to do the movie … hehhehhe

dvd decrypter will remove CSS encryption once u rip the dvd.

thnx ppl, I’m gonna try those… I’ll let ya know…

THough I’m not able to use Decrypter, at least not on LOTR:TT extra feats… Maybe I’m just dumb… AHAHAH!!

Here it’s now 4am… I believe my day has already been too long…

THank u again! CIAO!

:bow: :slight_smile:

hey i just got done backing that up … lol …

used dvd shrink and nero as described above …that is dang good movie

wait i am just happy that i am not doing anymore disney movies …dont think my dvd burner was going to make it threw all the backups of disney …why cant kids and nephews be nice to dvds ???

Don’t tell me, mate…

Allthough I got done copying that as well… It came out NIIIIIIICE!!! Almost like the original, on pc I wouldn’t reccon the difference!!!

I haven’t tried it on DVD reader, but, hey…

Thanx !:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :smiley: :bigsmile:

what programs ya ended up using ? well dvd shrink to me is very easy and work s … if you use it and i helped well glad i could …any problems look me up

Nero 6 is bugged… :o

So I didn’t go for that one… I mean very, badly bugged… It locks my Win XP system up… (if u think that my win xp locks every 3 days of non stop working, u understand what I mean by “badly bugged”…)

I had then reinstall my previous version but, given that I couldn’t wait for it to finish installing, I used DVDShrink for the ripping, and, damn it! It works like a charm! It seemd as if CSS had disappeared!!


Then I used CloneDVD, and it worked great!

So u sure did help… :smiley:

DENGHIU! :bow: :bow:


I just tried DVDShrink.

What a great program.


giovanni42104 -

I see you’re using nero v. Do you see any problems if I use nero v. ?


dont know to be too honest I already know there is bug in it …I have used up to nero or and had no problems …the bug in has to do with vcd files and I am sure since that is along lines of dvd that there are more bugs …but hey tht is just my two cents

So you’re saying use any nero version but not v. ?

I currently have nero Will that do it or should I look for ?

What does the bug do ?

I would get a newer one cause that version is not that good no offense for doing dvds and stuff

tried it a couple of times

message me on msn messenger


add me as contact and get ahold of me

Nero seams to have tha same burning engine at Nero 6.0.x and the same problems. Go with Nero to 48, have tried them all and they work fine for DVDR burning.

is there a way to tell DVDShrink to rip the DVD, but also divide it in 2, so to be able to have the movie at higher resolution in 2 different dvds? Also, if there’s a way to do this, is it also possible to burn just the menus of the chapters/extras contained in the second dvd?

Thanx! Lemm know, ppl… :bigsmile:

Splitting the DVD:


Reauthoring to remove stuff you don’t want:


Lots of good info can be found at www.dvdshrink.info .


:eek: :eek: :bow: :bow: :o