CSS Keys?

Hi all, my Question is: Ive had AnyDvd before on an older computer i had, of course its long gone now, but here is my problem. In the settings tab when it comes up under CSS keys…well once youve put the dvd in…after a few moments , it will tell you what the name of the dvd is…ok now heres the problem im having now,…ive recently added AnyDvD and Clone DvD to my new comp, but instaed of listing the name of the DvD it only says…“DVD DIGEST”?..and when i went to copy it…it copied it as audio and Video jacket…not as a movie per say…is there something wrong here?..ive tried it with several movies and it does the same thing, like i said, ive had AnyDvD befor and it worked wonderfully, but now, i cant get it to combine all the filles. and be “Playable”…any tips or answers would be greatly appreciated…thanks…Scott

I would try the following: Delete Any DVD and Clone DVD and then clean the registry of any entries related to the programs. If you are not confident to do it manually, then download a freeware cleaner… try here: http://www.dirfile.com/freeware/registry-cleaner.htm
Defrag your hard drive after removing as much crap as you can with something like Ccleaner: www.ccleaner.com/
Now reinstall Any Dvd and Dvd Clone…see if that helps.
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Firstly goto CSS tab & untick the box. The ident giving a reference rather than a name is quite common now.
If this on it’s own doesn’t work. You can either drag & drop contents to your HD, or use AnyDVD ripper (just right click fox, then goto 'Rip Video DVD to Harddisk.)
The suggestions of stroppy are worth doing anyway, but hopefully you won’t need to uninstall reinstall. If you do keep key safe. Good luck.