CSS Free Players?


It’s been a while but I’ve had a Pioneer DVD player and never had a problem. I’ve bought an Electrohome DVD-816e to fill the gap for bedroom movie time and when i pop the dvd in it says “Prohibited by CSS”. What is there to do? I don’t understand why this drive won’t work. Is there any listing of dvd players that won’t do this for my copies because so far my Pioneer was flawless for the last 4-5 years.


Its saying your back-up dvds have css?

I just tried using DVDFab, removed CSS and region free. Works on my Pioneer (never had problems regarding media or anything on it) but it doesn’t work on my Electrohome . . . i’m kinda confused . . . burned the copy to a Memorex DVD+R Bookmark DVD-Rom and no, the .iso file i had doesn’t have CSS on.

bottom line if you want to make backups of new movies get slysoft’s ANYDVD as thats the best for getting rid of copy protection on dvd movies :wink:

p.s. dvd decrypter WAS the best until the higher up’s shut it down :frowning:

Ok i just tried one fo those movie over the net and it’s doing the same thing even if in DVD Fab it’s saying there’s no CSS on it. Could it be the media? Should i try a Verbatim instead?

Ok so basically if it’s still not reading my DVDs i should return the drive and get a new one?