CSS Encoding

I have just updated to clone 2 (bit late I know) but I have just received this error message; that the dvd has Content Scrambling System etc. How can I get around this as my previous clone did this automatically and I can’t remember how I set it to do so all help appreciated!

you have to use anydvd from slysoft
with clonedvd2 also from elby/slysoft.

Do I run them both at the same time? I have tried that but anydvd doesn’t seem to run

if you have a red fox in your taskbar then it is running. if it’s grey then right click on the fox and click on “Enable Anydvd”

I get the same message. Have you found out how to get around this?

Whelan25 and saxyjeff are you sure that you are using CloneDVD2 from Slysoft/Elby(www.slysoft.com) and not from www.clonedvd.net. They are diferent programs from diferent companies. This is a forum for CloneDVD2 from Slysoft/Elby. If you are using the Slysoft version then you need AnyDVD to remove the CSS protection