Css burning?



I have clone dvd ( to be exact )
It can burn movies without css protection but when i try to burn css it gives me an error that it cannot burn these. Can i avoid this? I know that i can decrypt with dvd decrypter and then edit in clone dvd but is there an easier way? Can i do it in one step after i cut out all the parts i dont want?

Sorry if this has been repeated, i looked for an answer but i could not find one,



simple answer. anydvd. decrypts on the fly and presents clone dvd with a “non-css non-region” disk


I agree, buy anydvd and you won’t have that problem again. :wink:


alright that problem solved… but now a different question…if i get the files with dvd decrypter or anydvd and i edit out the extras with clone dvd it has to re-encode or whatever the files… and that takes time… couldnt i just rip the movie with clonedvd with only the parts i want then burn them? So i dont have to build the dvd files.



Simple: Use CloneDVD on the AnyDVD enabled drive. It will then only “rip” what you want.


@ madman91,

Strongly suggest that you read the CloneDVD Manual, which is accessed by clicking on Help located on the top right hand corner of the opening CloneDVD screen. This will answer your questions. Also Open AnyDVD and click on the DVD tab and under Navigation click on “Remove Annoying Adverts and Trailers”. You then have the option to “Jump Directly To Main Movie” or “Jump Directly To Tile Menu”

There is absolutely no reason to be using DVD Decrypter if you are using AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD.

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i have anydvd and clonedvd working together… its amazing! thanks for the tip.

Now i have one final question, is it possible to lower the quality of a certain part of the movie… such as extras? with keeping high quality for the main movie? i know this can be done with nero recode but is there a way to do this with clonedvd?

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