CSS & asking for original

I would like to make an EXACT copy of a program called Motorrad Tourenplaner 2006-2007 this program is on a DVD which is according to ProtectionID v6 X-mas version protected with :
D:\Autorun\Autorun.exe | Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check
D: ravel\MDAC_TYPE.EXE Microsoft SFX CAB module 5.00.2919.6307

I tried making ISO-images of the original with ImgBurn 2.4.1 and with the trial version of CloneCD They all make ISO-images and overcome the CSS protection but after installation of the program from the copied DVD, they ask for the original and do not recognise the copied version as original when I insert the copied DVD.

Any idea how to overcome this asking for the original without patching some files!!!

Scan the installation folder with pid and post yor result.

Imgburn cannot, Nero cannot do that.

This is what I got from the installation folder scanning with PID

18:50:17 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog\PalmCI.exe InstallShield v6.31.100.1221 Setup Module

18:50:18 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog\sinfo.dll Possible CD/DVD-Check

18:50:19 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog\smap.dll Possible CD/DVD-Check

18:50:19 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog\support\mggcheck\MGGCheck.exe Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check

18:50:20 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog cmain.exe Protect DiSC v6.2 - v6.8 (Build 22-12-2005) detected !

18:50:22 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog\vtcinfo.ocx Possible CD/DVD-Check

18:50:23 F:\MOTORRAD tourenplaner 2006 2007\prog\vtcmap.ocx Possible CD/DVD-Check