CSS Archive

Can someone explain the pros/cons of enabling the CSS archive feature? Not sure whether I should or not, or whether it matters.


try right clicking on the option in anydvd…you’re bound to find a whole lot of useful information.

it gives the explanation that:

“AnyDvd keeps archives of all CSS keys it has cracked in the registry if this option is enabled. This is done because cracking can take some time. If you insert a DVD for the second time, AnyDvd will retrieve the key from the key archive instead of cracking it again”

I prefer it “OFF” since it only takes a few seconds to re-crack it incase there was a mistake the first time around.

“OFF” is the default setting. It can take much longer, if your drive is not region free, and the region of the disc you insert does not match the region of your drive. In this case AnyDVD can take several minutes to crack a CSS key with brute force attack.