CSS and Mobile Option



I tried searching around for an answer but it only confused me more. It could be the lack of coffee this morning.

I bought the license for DVD Platinum as I had used it a few months ago and loved it but work life caught up to me and I stoped using it for a while.
Now that I am on vacation (Merry Christmas) I wanted to update the software, buy the license, and move several movies to my iPOD but every disk I put in to convert for my iPOD gets an error messaging saying that it has CSS protection.

I looked on the forum and noticed a section for downloading Platinum with the CSS software but now I don’t have an option to convert it to my iPOD.

Are they mutual exclusive?


Hi rkingsley and welcome to cdf,

No, they’re not mutually exclusive…actually it’s just the opposite.
Initially, DVD to Mobile was bundled in Platinum and essentially, was free. Earlier this year, the Mobile app was broken off and is now a standalone retail app with its own price tag.

At this time, you will have to purchase DVD to Mobile as a separate app. I think it’s $19.99 and I [I]believe[/I] there is a 20% off coupon code available to Dec. 28. There is also a nominal annual update fee for all Fab retail products if purchased subsequent to May, '08.

Here’s a link: