CSI Season 1

Last night I ripped and burned the first 5 of the the 6 DVD set of CSI: Crimes Scene Investigation - The Complete First Season. DVD2One did an excellent job, taking approximately 24 minutes to compress the 7.5gb of raw data onto a single DVD-R. The resulting compilation is quite good and it was nice to get a full menu. So if anyone was wondering how much trouble CSI was going to be to backup, well, the answer is not much at all.

Thanks for the great software!


How good is the quality though compared to the original?

I personally can’t see any difference. It looks quite good.


I’am a big CSI fan :), so i was curious what region is that 6 disc release?

It was USA, which I think is region 1. I’ve never ordered an import, so I am not up on the different regions.


I think it must be R1, as that has the full season 1, the European release (R2) is released in 2 parts with 3 discs per part. I dont know why they do that, I would prefer to buy all in one package :frowning:

Fortunado, is the aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9? ust curious as I may order the R1 if its 16:9

all region releases R1 and R2 are 4:3 (phffft…) stupid CBS

thanks for the reply Rombaldi, may as well order the R2 release then, tho I have just been told that the theme tune isnt on the intro credits on the UK release, they had to change it for some reason, wonder why, as it is on the end credits … Ho Hum …