CSI ? Crime Scene Investigation [Whats the protection ?]

did a search on : CSI nothing came up about this game.
also did a CLONYXXL SCAN and PROT VERSION SCAN nothing showed up ?


is this european game none protected ?

Did this scan on all 3 cdROMS .

I have recieved a few emails about CSI and all say there is no protection on it.

ok i backed it up perfectly . the protection is wait for it :NOTHING

lol duh no wonder i couldnt find any info on it.

ok now i have another problem this game will not work correctly.
when i play it on the crime scene screen the picture is white ?

where the guys are ment to talk the screen is white.

i think it has something to do with a codec i need for Quicktime 6.1

becuse it asks you to install it after the game installed.

can someone point me to the codec please and where do i place the codec ? in the game directory / quicktimes directory ?

thankyou. :bigsmile:

never mind i fixed it :wink:

dam quicktime was pissing me off.