CSI 2: Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives

Can anyone tell me what this game is protected with?

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried scanning it yourself or don’t you have it yet?

Considering this is a UBISOFT game, Ubisoft tend to use either Tages or SafeDisc for their copy protections.

I don’t have the game yet, so that’s why I am asking about it.

Not protected with anything.

CSI 2 uses SafeDisc 3.20 I have tried to back this game up and it’s proved difficult. The game will run but throws a load of errors such as “Object Expected”. Had a good one this morning “This program has generated too many errors and will now close.” Gee great. I have edited the CSI-Dark Motives.ini to give the option to carry on after the error but this just causes an error loop pah!

If anyone has been able to backup this game successfully please share the info!

Welcome to cdfreaks misterenigma,

taking a look at this thread SafeDisc 3.20 Successes and Non-Successes will give you a nice overview :slight_smile:

Hey kalas, thanks for the welcome. I’ve already spent hours looking thro threads on various forums and came accross that one already I think it maybe a hardware issue rather than anything else being as it’s sony its probably full of ‘anti-copyright-copying’ devices. Thanks anyway.

Maybe you try one of the methods posted in my mentioned thread and maybe they’ll work for you. Would be nice posting your drives for further help.