CSEL fix firmware? safe to use with TS-L532M




Just would like to know if this will tool/ firmware update will work?


My tosiba Tecra M4 laptop bios will not recognize the new TS-L532M slim drive in the bay. Interestingly if I hot undock the drive and put in back in the bay while windows is running it gets recognized only in Windows. From what I have read it appears this has something to do with the CSEL settings when booting. Nero says this drive is running on the 2nd IDE channel as a slave device. I am assuming this should be running as Master?

Before I run this I would like to know if this is correct? See screen shots for all info from Nero and the CSEL/Firmware updater tool, I would prefer not to open the drive to soldier the jumpers and accomplish this via this update if it all possible. I assume if I run this update then the Tosiba Tecra Bios will see the drive now?

So, should I start this firmware update or not based on what is seen in the screenshots?



Do you think this tool from Toshiba is a joke program?!?

Do you really know that this is correct what you want to do and this way?

You just cannot cross/flash firmwares on slimline drives and expect they will work afterwards. :rolleyes:
Maybe TOSHIBAer can help you with, but read more threads about it, please.


How does one cross flash this TS-L532M device? I would also like to know how to make it a master, instead of slave device. Any help would be appreciated as I not exactly sure.


You can find some threads here: http://forum.rpc1.org/index.php


Myt advice - dont rry it - its too tricky - and although its nice to tinker with it - if the drive works well JUST LEAVE IT! I foolded around with mine and killed it - thank god HP immediately replaced the drive with a new one


new firmware for the (Samsung TS-L532M) = (Toshiba SDR6572M)

as always flash at your own risk

TR07 for master / TU07 for slave
XR07 for master / XU07 for slave


this is an update to my older post

i have a ZD8000 with TS-L532M…

had problems with many media even good media like verbatim…

took a risk and i flashed to Toshiba R6572M… the drive IS in fact a toshiba…

i used the firmware from here http://firmware.toshibaer.de/

TR05 , XR05 - is the firmware for MASTER
TU05 , XU05 - the firmware for SLAVE

find out BEFORE you flash if your drive is set to master os slave… if you flash it wrong you might need another laptop with 2 ides (zd8000 only has one)

use SDR6572M-TU05-TR05_CSEL_Changer.exe to flash from master to slave and vice versa…

hope this hepls everyone Smile


I tried the cross flash method using Toshiba SDR6572M firmware. I have a dv1340us laptop with the TS-L532M installed. I used Master firmware and utility ID said I had incorrect drive for the firmware so “smart” me I download standalone utility and forced a flash anyways.

WinXP never booted up again; all I get is “media test failure” specific to LAN device. I tried booting from HDD, DVD alternatively but no luck. Diagnostics said no IDE Device, could not find HDD at all. I swapped HDD with a 4gb I had laying around and it the computer found it so I proceeded to load WinXP using ext cd drive. Well, no amount of searching thereafter would find the resident DVD drive on the machine–it’s dead to the world. I tested my 100gb HDD that came with the machine on another laptop and it is perfectly fine! So why does the dv1340 no longer recognize it? I tested another 60gb HDD on the dv1340 and it too was not found. I’m thinking this has something to do with support for larger HDD but how do I correct that? What besides the DVD got flashed in the process? And how do I access that now?

HP is absolutely useless, here. I’m out of warranty so all I get is pathetic tier 1 support by chat, email. They wanted me to get a new HDD but obviously that alone is not the fix. Anyone out there have any experience with this? Please spare me the critical analysis on my obvious stupidity with cross-flashing a drive when the utility said not possible. If you cannot offer me anything but ridicule, please fight the urge to reply to this post.

Thanks in advance


I have Toshiba TSL532 that is set to a master just brought it this week would trade for yours?
I need a slave drive for my laptop.



I just brought this dvd drive that is a master and i need it to be a slave.
would trade if you like?