Crysis game not working right in my Liteon DH16A1S

hello all, and happy new year !

when your server sent me a bday email (thanks btw:flower:) it reminded me :doh: that i had a question to ask at this forum, so here goes:

does anyone here have a Liteon DH16A1S and the Crysis game by Crytek and is having problems when loading the dvd in the burner?

here’s what happens, when i want to play the game, it asks for the dvd before playing, thats ok, but when inserting the dvd, my drive makes all these weird clang and toc-toc-toc noises.

i figure its just trying to find a profile in the firmware to load so it can read the disc in the drive, but it takes up to 1 minute before the thing can be accessed :eek:

and plus i’m major worried that over time it will break my drive.

is there anything i can do to speedup the drive’s recognition process, or better yet, a firmware i can use to update this drive?

thanks for reading and happy new year again !

If you google for a Crysis no DVD patch you won’t have to use the dvd anymore. I got frustrated using the DVD everytime I wanted to play and used the patch and it works fine. Maybe the disc is bad if you are not having any other reading problems, you may want to get a replacement game. Not going to give you a link because I am not sure if it’s a legal no DVD patch from EA games.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply crossg and happy new year

i’m already doing that :wink: since the Liteon company doesn’t seem in a hurry to fix the issue (actually contacted them back in november but got nothing).

The disc can be read fine on my laptop (toshiba drive) and my LG drive in an old P3 puter (yeah like i’m gonna play it with that lol, but still it can read and installs it fine)

both of these are using windows xp sp2. the liteon is with Vista on my new quadcore.

i was actually looking for a firmware or some other kind of fix to this hardware problem my Liteon has with this disc.

The game companies need to contact liteon and cooperate in making new firmwares to download.

neways, ya it’s a pain to load the dvd, but the patch makes it all good.

they sure seem intent on securing their game huh ? :rolleyes:

When will the industry realize that its not by spending extra millions $$ on security that they will stop piracy. i mean they keep increasing the prices to pay the game programmers and power hungry CEOs with outrageous salaries and perks or boasting privileges as they might call it (or blame it on gas prices :rolleyes: wtvr)

and then more programmers for extra security wich they wouldn’t have to if the prices were more reasonable for games in the 1st place.

they just keep shooting themselves in the foot with all this “extra security” and the programmer/CEO “super star wannabees” (everyone loves big salaries eh but come on !)

Not to mention annoy legitimate customers with having to go through hoops with some antiquated serial number schemes or product keys just to install and use, what happened to fair use or rather fair install? lol they’re so used to giving serials that its like its not even registering that its a nuisance to legit customers.

Anyway, sorry for the little rant, we’re getting into well traveled waters here and not the point of the thread.

Well Happy New Year to you as well. Have fun with the game and here is a link that will help when you get stuck or lost. Not a cheat just a walk through.:wink:

I have many burners in here, some do as you say, others seem to load the game fine so I just use the ones that don’t clunk trying to load it. My LGh62n seems to run it fine, the Samsungs don’t, haven’t tried it in every drive in my box.
I guess we should all get the no disk patch though and not worry about it :smiley:


I registered when I found this thread as I have just started getting the same problem as hornytoad is getting.

Every other disc I use is fine, but the Crysis disk causes my 20A1S to just cycle a ticking noise and never recognise my disk.

Anyone have any idea?

I had this problem with a new 20A4p,disc kept making a ticking noise and took ages for it to read the disc,all other games ran ok just crysis.
Swapt the burner for my old dvd rom and have had no problems at all.

Since i mentioned this problem to Liteon a few months ago and they still havent done anything about it, i solved the problem myself, i bought an LG dvd writer.

Problem solved. Liteon ? never again. There are better companies out there.

I decided to brave-out the clicking… and it turns my drive DOES recognise my Crysis DVD, but after about 2 minutes of clicking.

Less than ideal but it beats buying another new drive.