Cryptolocker ransomware now infecting Android devices

We’ve just posted the following news: Cryptolocker ransomware now infecting Android devices[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Something else to worry about!

At least the tablet/mobile environment is inherently more secure, so they have to rely on social engineering, but this is still an unwelcome development. :frowning:


Well do they at least unlock your device once you pay them? :wink:

Are the files actually encrypted or is it just scareware ?

Caught an early version of this a couple of years ago. If it encrypted anything it was the MBR of my boot drive. I ended up putting the drive on another machine with disk fixing software and managed to at least get a directory and copy all important files to another drive. Had to format the infected drive and reinstall Windoze.
Funny how all of the Government Agencies are wasting tremendous resources on “alleged Pirates” and absoultely nothing on the Terrorists and Extorsionists that spread Viruses and Malware that does real damage.