Cry_Wolf Problem

When i try to use Dvd-shrink to copy this movie i get an error at 5% saying i got a recycle rebundans check error or something like that and the dvd stops. I am using any dvd together with dvd shrink… Any suggestions ho wto solve this problem. The dvd itself havent got any scratches on it and seem to be in good condition…

Hi niconul,

For starters, AnyDVD v. is seriously outdated re: it’s decrypting capabilties…it’s about a year old. I would keep your version up to date so that you keep pace with newer copy protection as it comes out. Download the most recent version (v. and see what happens. If you continue to have issues, post back with specifics and I’m sure we can help.

Yeah… that worked… Downloaded the newest version of anydvd together with clonedvd. Works like a charm now… thx :smiley: