Cry for help. HELP!

Hi, I’m new to these forums and I confess I joined with the shameless purpose of taking advantage of your expertise. So, please, whoever can help me with this problem, I’d be really grateful.

I’ve been a Nero user since I acquired a Cd burner years ago and it’s always worked fine and reliablely. My Dvd burner also came with a Nero software and so far, it is great. So, with a very few exceptions, it’s always been Nero & I.

But I have been copying a 15 Dvd set for my mom and here’s the deal: the second disk gives me an error when it’s past 99% ready. So, for what must be like 0,4% of it, I can’t make a copy because it won’t finish the task. How can I get it to finish? And if it isn’t with Nero, is there any other software I could use to nail that darn disk or that would allow me to skip that 0,000001% that doesn’t want to be copied?

Thanks in advance.

You could try it with DVD Decrypter available from There’s an option in that program that will let you skip read errors to complete the decrypting process. You can either decrypt the DVD into seperate VOB files or as an ISO image. If you have a dual layer burner you can burn a dual layered disc (DVD9) image with the same program, otherwise the only option with DVD Decrypter is to extract the VOB files to a specified folder on your hard drive and burn using a program such as Nero Recode or DVD Shrink. These programs will compress the video down to a size that will fit on a single layer DVD (DVD5).

Good luck

I’ve been reading the threads on this problem. It may be tied to the Nero app, but it is affecting other burning apps on my system. I can record to RW, but R won’t finalize. Decrypter, VSO, InterVideo, Nero, and Pinnacle to name a few won’t finalize. Even formating the partition and reloading the OS doesn’t fix the problem. Compression isn’t an issue, the problem is with the burner not finalizing the disc at the end of the burn. I can see the burn has gone to the edge of the media and left a small space at the outer edge. The burn is there, but due to not finalizing, the player sees it as an empty disc. Due to the burn though, the R disc is unusable.

thank you both for your help. would i be stretching it way too much if i said ‘please, write it again but translate it into something i could understand’? thanks again.

Please a little clarification.

From your post it seems to me that is nero that don’t complete the burning. Do I understand correctly?

What brand of media do you use?

hi. let’s see. i don’t burn dvd to dvd to avoid wasting, so nero creates an image of the dvd i want to copy, then ask me to insert a blank disk to procede to burn. it all happens automatically, which is one of the beauties of the software. if i try to burn directly, i’ll get a dvd that won’t play anywhere (sometimes, even freezes the computer when i want to check it out). with the image method, it reads the disk, creates the image until it’s past 99%, then gives me a message saying there is an error and stops, but doesn’t burn anything.

i get along well with computers, but i am not a programmer or software savvy, so i’ve just followed nero’s instructions. but i know there is a way to skip the error and copy, just don’t know how. granted, the copy will not be as efficient, but at least it’ll work.

oh, and as i said, i don’t think it’s a software problem because it worked fine with the other 14 disks. it’s just this one that doesn’t want to get copied. (and i use tdk dvd+r 8x). thanks.

What images do you create? Are you trying to do backups of video DVD? Nero cannot bypass latest copy protections.

If so then get rid of nero and use anyDVD/cloneDVD2 to create images and then use cloneDVD2 or ImgBurn to burn the images on a DVD.

I doubt that only one of the discs in the 15 disc boxset has protection that Nero can’t bypass. It sounds to me that the disc you’re trying to copy is scratched or has smudges on it, making it unreadable when it gets to 99%. Because Nero can’t read it it aborts creating the image. Before copying the DVD, click on the tab that says read options and ensure that ‘error correction’ is selected and ‘ignore read errors’ is ticked.

It could take hours to copy your disc, depending on how many errors or how badly scratched the disc is, but it will get there eventually.

It is not because of a scratched or smudged disk. I’ve got the same problem and have been making a lot of coasters! Has no one fixed this problem in two years?? Is it a problem with Nero 6? Should I upgrade to Nero 7?? I’ll try that.