CRX330E (LTC-48161H) Burning Issues

I am having problems getting this unit (sony) to copy audio cds. I know the music cd is in good condition. I have used Ridata and TDK discs and got the same results. The reading process slows to a crawl and virtually stops at some point during the extraction process. It happens with both Nero 5.5 and EAC during extraction. I have the same problem whether the bus is set at DMA or PIO. I took the cd and put it in an old HP CDWriter 4x (in a xe783) and makes copies just fine. I have plenty of memory 500MB or so, and am using a 1.2 Ghz processor. Back to the sony, even if it does burn a copy, I am occassionally getting some noise over the music in portions, not the whole disc. Any suggestions?

I might add that the firmware is KSY1. I have seen a KSY2 version floating around, but the sony site is not listing it as an upgrade, so I am wary of it. Also, it probably only affects DVD anyway.