CRX225E or CRX230A, what of this drives are really the 7S, or both?

HI. I have the CRX225E/A and I flash it with the 7S, and I’m wondering what is the original drive. For now I think that it is the 7S for sure. This is really a 52x24x52x, but the people told me that this is really the 7S, BUT I have found know that Sony has releaded a new unit called CRX230A that is 52x32x52x. Is this the 7S too?, and my recorder, is the 7S really?.

Yeah, both are of the “7S series”

thanks for your answer. It’s funny to see the same units with different model, hehe. The only thing that I need to know is if my CRX225 would write 32x cdr-w (I think yes :bigsmile: )

Building a new computer with the Sony CD burner, but trying to insstall Windows XP from the CD isn’t working. The drive power light is on, but it won’t open with the eject button. I can get it open with a paper clip, but the OS is still asking for a boot disk.

Anyone have any idea what is going on with this drive?


A new computer?, return the drive, problem solved.