CRX210E1 Stops burning on 4th Consecutive CD?

Help me! lol

Currently experiancing problems with my new Sony 48x/12x/48x CD-R/W (CRX210E1)

I am using Nero Burning software on Windows XP (and previously W2K) and have found that every time I come to burn a CD for a fourth consecutive time it hangs at around 5-7%.

The writer keeps on burning untill it has filled the CD and then Nero / or other process seizes up as I can not access task manager to see which process is killing it :frowning:

Without fail though its every 4th CD

Anyone got any ideas? It had been working fine for a while?


I have the same problem with my Hp8200i. I read the Sony CRX120E and the HP are very similar. I use Roxio 5.0 and After a couple of burners the Hp8200i will eject any consecutive blanc CD.

Any ideas??? I got latest firmware (1.0f) and still no luck.
Clone cd works fine btw…!!! So copying is no problem, but I can’t backup any files.

I am currently doing some tests to see wether it is Nero or the Writer?

Will let you know :confused: