Crx210 firmwall

Hy. I currently have a Sony CRX210 flashed with the 6S0F bios, downloaded a couple of months ago from sonycrxxx site or somethin’ like that (where did that site go ?), which was a liteon firmware, and now I have 52X24X52X instead of 48X12X48X, and red led while burning etc. And i’ve been digging thru this forum and i got extremly confused, because of lite-on model numbers, firmware types, versions etc. and I want to know if there is a new-er or better firmware for my CD-RW. I heard that the 2S0D firmware is the best but i couldn’t find a link.

There haven’t been any updates for this generation since 6S0F. 2S0D is a 48/12/48 firmware, so you probably don’t want to use that.

I would just suggest leaving the drive alone.