CRX195E1 burn speeds, SLOW

Hope there is help here for me.
This what I got. p4 1.8A on a ASUS P4S533 (ver 1.009), 512 Meg ram, 30gig WD alone on the Primary Channel. On the Secondary, Master=Sony CRX195E1 (firmware ZYS5), Slave (Genric 52X) CD-Rom.
Tried the following CD software, Easy CD Creator 5.3.1, Nero (downloaded from website), and the B’s Recorder Gold with came with the CD-RW.

All have the same results: CD burn SLOW…like between 5x to 10x, even when 40xMAX selected…

Whats WRONG…

Any help


Oh…I did the drive update from Roxio which added Sony CD-RW drive support.

Is the CD-ROM a PIO Mode device? If so, it could be notching the CD-RW back from UDMA Mode as well.

Is DMA enabled for the hard drives?

If the hard drives is UDMA66 or better do you have 80 conductor IDE cables

From my POST, it says it is a UDMA 2…
DMA is enabled for the drive in Win2K.
HD is a ATA100 which is on its on 80 pin cable.

From Control panel/System/hardware…this is info for the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers…

Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel
SiS PCI IDE Controller…

Need more info?