Crx-140e problems?



Just got a Sony crx-140e off a friend and am having trouble with reading some discs.
Some things it just wont read, they could be burned or pressed originals, it doesnt matter.
There is no problem when i try the offending discs on a standard cd reader.
Are some cd readers just more temperamental than others?

Also, it is an 8x write but even when i try it at 6 speed Nero cuts it back to 4 due to the “media”, what is causing this? (I use Kodak cdr’s)



that it springs back to 4x, i think is becuz your using RW capable of writing only at 4x

and not all cdrs read in everything cdrom drive

however, cdrs with a gold dye colour on the bottom of the cdr, don’t have this problem(mostly)


crx140e are 8x4x24… How old is your drive?? Is it still under warranty?? The reason I ask this, if it breaks can you get it fixed.