CRX 140 E is dead

hey everyone.

I flashed my sony crx 140E drive to a hewlett packard 10 X (I dunno what model) as per instructions and now it won’t eject, it won’t detect in burning proggies as a burner and I think it is ruined.

I tried a fixer patch, but it just said the drive was busy, I know there wasn’t a cd in the drive so thats not the problem.

if anyone else has had the same problem or could offer a solution, could you please help me out because I need it a lot, thanks in advance.

try to re-program this, flash this from a real dos mode, not from a dos window, using a flash you can find for your model at sony’s webpage. if that didn’t work then you must send it for re-pair. Ofcource I assume you use windows 98, or 98SE as O.S. Make it clear to you. cdr-w have a chip like bios on motherboard. there they store usefull things about their operation, like the speed , read and write operation, and in general all things cdr-w need to work. if you try to re-program that memory with another program not came from company that made the device, then in most of cases you make device unusable. So, turn off your puter, let it stay off about 3 or for minutes, use a diskette to begin your putter, load cdr-w drivers for dos, and in another diskette have the flash program you found on sony’s webpage for your model, CRX 140E. Then using that diskette try to flash your cdr-w again. if won’t work, then you must send your device to Sony for repair, change the EEPROM chip. hope that helped you. good luck .

thanks a lot for your advice, but I found sony very helpful and I sent it to a place today, to get a new chip soldered in, and yes every thing you said there was 100% accurate.
thanks again

You are welcome. But no thanks needed. Glad that you found Sony very helpful to you, and solve your problem. Here in Greece most of the times companies are not that helpful. Well things chang to better, but still we have to wait. But you can have your CDR-W back as new. That’s good. Happy burning! :)[B][SIZE=3]