Cruzer Micro And Datatraveler Speeds?

Im looking to get a larger capacity usb stick. At the mo i am looking at the sandisk cruzer micro and the kingston datatraveler 1GB versions as they are not too expensive, i would however like to know there read and write speeds, does anyone know what they are ???

I have looked on both there websites but nether say, maybe someone has one of the two and has tested the speed.

I dont want something slow, i have a crucial gizmo 2 which is fast, which when i test had a 11MB read speed, the write speed i think is around 6-7MB. I also have a verbatim stick, but thats quite slow, 3MB read and around 1MB write. Both are 256MB

I have been looking at the Kingston Data Traveler II. NewEgg gives the speeds. They aren’t very specific though. They give write speeds “up to 13 MB/sec” or “up to 7 MB/sec”.

The first one on this page looks good, but I haven’t bought one yet:

I have the Data Traveler II (1GB model). Using a stop watch I timed a copy of a 44 MB from the traveler to the desktop in 3.5 seconds. The other direction took 6 seconds. I guess there is a more reliable way to benchmark though. :slight_smile:

It’s fast enough for me anyway.

That sounds good. I will get one.

I shouldn’t have said “the first one on this page”, because the page keeps changing.

The DataTraveler II plus Migo is twice as fast as the plain DataTraveler II, so I guess that’s the one I’ll get.

Here a HD Tune of the Sandisk Micro 1gb.