CrunchPad is now the $500 Joo Joo

I just posted the article CrunchPad is now the $500 Joo Joo.

What was supposed to be a $200 Web tablet backed by an influential blogger is now a $500 device from a previously unknown startup.

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Is it me or does 500.00 seem somewhat of a really high price for a device that only connects to the net. I don’t think that the people who ended up with the Crunch Pad realize that a little net book from Walmart for outstrips this device. My point isn’t to promote Wally World but rather to point out that a net book, and the wait to get on the net itself, not to mention the many other features of having an actual computer that you can choose for your self what you do and don’t want to put on it, is far more worth it in the eyes of many in the masses.
The reason I dare state this so dogmatically is that I for one would go nuts not having the ability to more directly control what’s on my computer. It would make me want to throw the computer in the trash or sell it.
On the other hand if you could afford it, it might be worth doing a tear down with an intent to hack it and see what good could come from it. 500.00 for a tablet net book.