Crunching 1653s



i’ve got my 1653s flashed with newest version (about 16 months old), while its never been a very good drive it has worked. for about a month now every time i inserted a disk it would go crunch (sounds like the plastic gears are slipping) then load the disk… now it just plain doesnt work, but if i flash it again (with any firmware version) it will burn one disk then stop working… any ideas??


Sorry for the late reply. Weird! :confused: The newest firmware is now CS0T, which was only released a few months ago. You might want to try this.

When you say it it doesn’t work, what do you mean?


its flashed to that version, but thx for the reply.
by not working i mean the disk just doesnt read and initialize. it tries for a few 10 seconds or so then just gives up.
iam still waiting for a reply from lite on :frowning:


J have the same problem with 1 year old drive and CS0T firmware.


ive always been careful w/ my drive too… used the eject/load button, never droped grrr guess i should have slaped it around some!
Mine is the 1633s@1653s just to clarify

here’s a little video w/ sound i took of the problem and noise its only 30seconds… maybe it’ll help


Almost the same problem with my 1653s (CS0T) – awful crunching sounds when DVD+R (these are not recognized at all :sad: ) and DVD-R disks are inserted. Ltnfw comparing says that the contents of the flash-memory and cs0t.bin are identical. Got three letters from Lite-on, with nothing useful in
:frowning: .