Crunched signals irritate HD enthusiasts

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We’ve already reported about this a couple of times, but a recent article from the Associated Press shows how some enthusiasts are losin’ it. We all heard about the troubles at Comcast, where many…

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Just goes to show there’s no justification for a premium price on HD technology or products. Still there are always some mugs out there…

“Through research we know it should be unnoticeable to the human eye when images are compressed”. ??? I think you are generalizing too much here. Compression is unnoticeable? Are you serious??? Of course it’s possible to compress and still deliver very high quality. But if you compress too much the quality goes south, no?

Agreed johnzap, conpression is highly noticable to a distraciting level at times on my HD cable. The picture quality of my HD cable is nowhere near my HD DVD quality.