Crude oil prices up, optical disc production costs rise



I just posted the article Crude oil prices up, optical disc production costs rise.

Blinkster used our newssubmit to tell us about an article on The article reports that CD-R prices are likely to go up because of the recent terrorist attacks on the USA.

As 50%…

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Would it be possible to recycle coasters… the price would go down some then


No, the plastic in the cd’s are to contaminated. The recycled discs are used to make other products.


if you stop buggering them up in the first place you wont NEED to recycle :slight_smile:


You can recycle CD’s for other products? Do I just dump them in my recycle bin for local pickup? Because I gotz a lot of coasters :4


You can make a nice hanging ornament out of coasters :slight_smile:


Coasters actually are really good to use as coaster for coffie or drinks :7