Crude Cinavia removal method

I just read that there is an inelegant solution for Cinavia watermarking. This is from a thread over at videohelp. It seems if you use a low pass filter at about 7000hz, this will remove the signal. The software they used was sox.

A low pass filter will remove anything above 7000hz, so this is very destructive to the audio stream.

I don’t have an Cinevia to test it with .
I thought I had sen the sox in something I downloaded.
It was in the Hybrid suggested by Kerry in the free tool thread.
I have the portable.
Also was in another conversion software:
mediAvatar HD Video Converter

I also downloaded the sox portable from the link in the post above.
Played with it a little.

If anyone tries the sox portable from command try this at the command prompt.

sox input.wav output.wav reverse

You need to have the input.wav in the sox folder & it may not like tha actual name of the file. So if needed just rename it to input.wav.

A low audio filter? Hmmm… this makes me wonder, “If I had the audiometers set up correctly then removed Hubby’s gag to measure his screams for help, would they be in this same range so this crude filtering method? Could I remove Cinavia AND have an audio filter to eliminate those useless screams for mercy?” Hmmm…

Well, the gag works so well for one of those, now.

“Not buying Cinavia” works well enough for the other, too.