Crucial MX500 1TB SSD Review


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Its not easy reach the top and Crucial has done this many times in the past, but it even harder to stay at the top. With the release of the MX500 SSD that comes with the new second generation of 3D TLC NAND, Crucial is aiming again for the the top. So read this review to find out all about the Crucial MX500.


Thank you for this review, System :wink:

Seems to be Crucial are now up to date with the speed on their TLC-drives. Maybe sometime I will forget drives like the BX200

But I miss the Samsung 850 Evo in the list which is the main competitor to the MX500

I´m really not a Samsung-Fan (840 and the problem of slow reading with old data), but I used the 850 for years and have nothing to complain

My old M4 work great since years, but I´m still careful with Crucial. My M500 have sometimes problems and increase the Raw Read Error Rate (OK, other SSDs like Samsung don´t have this parameter), my MX300 killed files at 1st use and after that it had almost hundred defect sectors.


Well the BX200 was their first attempt with TLC NAND, after that the MX300 was again their first drive with, the at the time, new 3D TLC NAND, now with their second generation of 3D TLC NAND their got it right. I am sure that most people have forgotten the BX200, I on the other hand have not. Its the SSD that has my OS and all my games, sitll works perfect for all my daily needs, when pushed… well it slows down, but overall it does everything that I need.

If I could find one at a good price i might get one. not promises on that. The Samsung 840 was their first TLC drive, if memoery serves me well, and as you can see that also had some issues.

I gave the m4 to a friend, so far he has zero problem, the drive has lots of writes, but works. You god unlucky with the mx300, i hope that the replacement drive was working OK.

I am system? I dont like it, I want to change my name to Drunk System :stuck_out_tongue:


About: BX200: Yes, 1st attempt, but the sequential write quote was awful. 75MB/s for a 960GB-drive? That was real bad.

German magazine c´t checked some SSDs 240-256GB for reliability:

BX200: 187 and 283TB

OCZ TR150 934and 945TB, but Ultra II with same NAND only worked for 690 and 749TB. Maybe the Marvell-controller had higher Write Amplification?

Samsung 750: 1203 and 1289TB

Sandisk Extreme Pro:, One worked till 2836TB, other still worked atm

850 Pro Last count was 4622TB, both SSDs still worked at this time, dunno the status now

The 840 (11 month?) and 840 Evo (2 months?) had the problem to slow down reading performance massivly if the data was longer time, speed of 20MB/s

Samsung need long time to solve this problem, dunno if they solved it now, first update don´t worked.

I send the MX300 back and get my money back :wink:

If you drunk system, you maybe see 2 MX500 ,) ?


I think that Samsung has fixed the read issue, but only for the evo and pro series, I dont think that they did anything for the 840, i might be wrong here.

I am not a fan of those tests, to me they only prove that by the time that your SSD fails you will already have a new one, plus most users dont write that ungodly amount of data on daily basis. But its fun to read the result.

Refund, that a good option. I wish that I had 2 XM500 but its only one :slight_smile:


840 Pro never had THIS issue, an update for 840 came july 2016, dunno if the problem was fixed then. The 1st update for 840 Evo was a cheat, it only write all data on the SSD new, so the users don´t had the problem for next 2 months

I have here two SSDs, 120GB and 128GB with around 50-62TBW, so the durability of the NAND is interesting for me.

I also had/have some SSDs which have reallocated sectors. The MX300 was the worst one, a Corsair XT used read-only-mode after less than 100 hours power on time. A Sandisk failed because of dead Marvell-controller


I am 100% sure that there was a firmware fix for the evo and the pro series, but i dont remember reading anything about the 840, anyway I am sure that the software that samsung provides will inform you if there is a software update.
If you do a lot of writes then looking at endurance numbers can be interesting, but I think that most people will never reach those numbers. Plus if anyone does a lot of writes looking at an enterprise SATA SSD is the best option. Also the new 860 pro should be an excellent option for those that do a lot of writes.

What can I say, It happens, lots of reason why drives fail. I had a 3TB Toshiba HDD that died within a couple of hours, for me it was bad luck until the moment that I went back to the store and the person on service told me that the had 5-6 of them return within a few days.
I never had this happened to me with an SSD so far.


I also had more failures on HDD than SSD. Mostly it´s not to bad because I make backups, but sometimes you need enough time.

Here´s a news about the 840

I have a 840, but saw this end of last year.

I have M4 and SSD830, I guess this old, massive NAND will do lots of write without failure.

Enterprise-SSDs are expensive, I mostly avoid even Consumer Pro-series. I guess even standard-SSDs with MLC will do a lot of write, even for me it should work.