Crucial MX300 2TB SSD Review



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Excellent review, at this point in my life I do not own any 2TB SSDs but I do own alot of 1 TB SSDs. I am waiting to see which way the price is going. I have heard that the price is going up , in that case I have enough storage to last, but I would like to consolidate it so I’ll wait a few months and see what happens.


No idea about pricing, but usually when they go up its for a limited time and after that they go down.
Also at this point i (and that is my personal view) SATA SSDs should go down on price and up on the size, and hopefully soon we will have NVMe drives for the OS and SATA SSD for storage.


Cost a arm and leg and hopefully it also is 2tb formatted not some gimmick unformatted capacity of 2tb.


Yes still those large SSD’s are very expensive for consumers, also size is very close to 2TB, it think that it was close to 1.9TB something, i dont remember the exact number.