Crucial memory?

[QUOTE=ripit;2158982]Just out of curiosity, do you know what chips were on them? Do you suspect problems with micron chips or just the build of the crucial ram?[/QUOTE]

These were Micron D9Gxx. Not sure if these were B6-3, B6-37E of BE-25E chips as I have already dumped them and replaced them with my G.Skill “Zeus” series.

I would suspect that the rising production demands adversely affects the quality control. This is an unfortunate eventuality with most popular products today.

I’ve personally had to [B]RMA[/B] my DDR2 PC8500 Ballistix twice in the past six months.[/QUOTE]

I’m getting ready to RMA my 2x1gb ddr2 667 cas 3 ballistix :frowning: they’re D9G as well
I’ve been reading that the D9Gs are failing at a pretty high rate, and not just from crucial but from all brands that use them… wish I had know that before I bought them, lol