Crucial introduces 20 nm MLC NAND M500 SSDs

Crucial introduces 20 nm MLC NAND M500 SSDs.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Crucial has announced its latest Solid State Disk (SSD), the M500 during CES in Las Vegas. 

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120GB, 240GB. 480GB, and 960GB are very strange capacities for a Marvell controller based SSD.
It looks like Crucial have decided to use over-provisioning with this series of SSDs for some reason.

I can’t imagine Crucial not using a Marvell controller, but those capacities are common with SandForce and LAMD controllers, although the rated sequential read/write performance doesn’t match either of these controllers.

What was the largest 400 series Micron drive? I thought is was 512gb.